Review: Pro-Ject CD box RS2 T

Heavyweight mini player

If you need a new CD player, the Pro-Jects CD Box may be all you need.

Published 2021-10-01 - 7:00 am
Pro-Ject CD box RS2 T
Lasse Svendsen

It is simple, relatively inexpensive, and easy to find space for. If you also have a really good digital converter, built-in or separate, just brush the dust off the CD collection.

For the Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T, most likely sounds much better than your old CD player.

That is, CD Box RS2 T is not a CD player per se, it is just a drive mechanism. A so-called CD transport that only has digital outputs, and consequently needs a DAC to work.

But with this you are touching high end heaven, at least if the connected DAC is really good. Alternatively you can buy a separate DAC, Pro-Ject will of course recommend their own Pre Box RS2 Digital. Which is also a preamplifier (with valves in the output section!).

In-house developed drive

Pro-Ject could have bought a generic drive mechanism in the East, and saved money, but they think they would have given significantly poorer sound quality. Therefore, they have chosen a far more expensive solution, and used Stream Unlimited’s CD mechanics called CD-Pro 8, which they believe is a much better playback mechanics.

It is controlled by an associated servo called (Bluet Tiger) CD-84, which is integrated in the aluminum case, with an inner chassis in carbon fiber for better bracing and damping.

CD-Pro 8 CD mechanics, with carbon fiber, silicone cushioning and a braced aluminum housing.

The CDs are just placed directly on the spindle, with a small magnetic clamp that is placed over it again, and then you just have to put down the cushioned lid and play music.

As with all CD drives, there are no analog outputs on the back here. But you get a healthy assortment of digital outputs. Among other things, 110 ohm XLR, coaxial, optical of course, but also HDMI. Which means that the CD Box can be easily connected to a surround processor’s HDMI input (for audio).

Coaxial, optical, XLR and HDMI outputs can also be used. Photo: Lasse Svendsen

It comes with an external power supply, and a handy remote control in aluminum. A large backlit LCD screen displays text, track selection and time indication, and the backlight can happily be dimmed with the Mode button on the remote control.

Open and dynamic sound image

The player is completely silent. It starts quickly and stops in half a second when you open the hatch. The drive can easily be compared to a Hegel Mohican, and McIntosh MCD600, because when it is connected to McIntosh DA2 DAC module – in eg MA12000, it is certainly not easy to distinguish them on sound quality.

The small clamp keeps the CD stable. Photo: Lasse Svendsen

Mohican sounds tighter, more controlled, the McIntosh player gives a slightly larger sound image with more depth, but the differences are not big.

The compact drivetrain recreates the piano sound of Keith Jarrett’s Cologne concerto, with exquisite precision. The sound image is sharply focused and the piano sound is beautiful. Vocals like on Tony Bennett and Diana Krall’s duet, Alright, Okay, You Win, stand out steadily and crystal clear in the generous soundscape.

The dynamics, including in the bass, on Al Jarreau’s Cold Duck, are outstanding. The bassline is superbly defined, it sounds right in the snare drum, and the saxophone solo appears uncolored, alive and the sound is simply bold.


The CD drive from Pro-Ject X1 does cost as much as many CD players. It can be argued that the finish is simple – the silver version looks a little better – for this price range, but it can not be claimed about the sound quality. Which is on a par with the best we have tested, provided you have a serious DAC to connect the drive to. For anyone who needs a new and better CD player, can safely consider whether it should be a Pro-Ject CD box RS2 T. It will not disappoint.

The transport is also available in silver gray.

Pro-Ject CD box RS2 T

We think

Dynamic and resolved sound image with steel-firm bass and highly focused stereo perspective. Small footprint. The finish does not match the price tag.

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