Review: JBL Tour One

Energetic JBL sound

JBL Tour One is a pair of proper headphones, which after som help from EQ function in the app, brings out a smile on your face.

Published 2021-12-01 - 8:00 am
JBL Tour One
Geir Nordby

The JBL Tour One feels solid in the hands, and sits comfortably on the head. And I like the feeling they give when they are in the hands. Physical buttons for sound level, wireless connection and sound processing such as noise cancellation and ambient sound make them easier to get to know than some others, such as the Sony WF-1000XM4.

The noise cancellation

External noise is reduced well with the active noise cancellation, but the JBL headphones require more fine-tuning of the position on the ears than the others, so that the noise reduction is the same on both ears. You may have to squeeze a little extra when you put them on, to get it completely tight. When they sit, the noise reduction is good, better than Yamaha which lets in a little more noise.

JBL Tour One folded
Photo: JBL

The sound

With noise cancellation activated, the bass becomes fuller, but also less firm. The rhythms in the middle bass do not tap as tightly against the eardrum, as with ANC deactivated. The same is experienced with ambient sound activated, the headphones sound a lot better with everything turned off. But of course, if you are sitting on a plane or in a car, the noise must be shut out.

Out of the box, the sound is a bit flat and unengaging, especially the midrange is very thin so voices do not come out properly. Beyoncé’s latest song, Be Alive, does not exactly sound “alive”. But it does not take much. Here I would take to the EQ in the app.

JBL Tour One front
Photo: JBL

For after a small increase in the midrange around 1 kHz and also slight subtraction around the sharp range at 4 kHz, then pull up again in the treble, and the sound immediately much better. You may want a different setting, and that’s fine. There are many opportunities here, because the EQ is really good.

Sigrid’s voice is now clear and distinct on the Christmas song Home To You (This Christmas), and the guitar on the previously unreleased Follow Me Around by Radiohead, now finally released on the double re-release Kid A Mnesia, massages the ears. Thom Yorke, who is rudely placed almost to the far left, stands out clearly from the music. This is good.

JBL Tour One lifestyle(1)
Photo: JBL

JBL Tour One: Conclusion

The JBL Tour One sounds decent right out of the box, but also som much better with a small adjustment in the app. They sound best without noise cancellation, with a tighter and tidier bass, but also work with this or ambient sound activated. In situations where it is necessary to remove the noise, the bass becomes fuller but less controlled. They have this in common with many others.

The noise cancellation itself works well, just make sure that the headphones are tight around the ears.

JBL Tour One

We think

Loud and direct sound, they never get boring! Sounds best with noise cancellation turned off. Should adjust a little EQ to bring out the best in them.

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