Review: Supra Nitro-X BT

Superb sound quality

Supra Nitro-X BT passes competitor after competitor, but unfortunately stumbles on the finish line.

Published 2020-09-04 - 12:50 pm
Supra Nitro-X BT
Jonas Ekelund

The small headphone manufacturer Sound by Sweden, a subsidiary of Supra Cables, has succeeded surprisingly well in our tests. Both when it comes to wireless plugs like Nitro-X2 or completely wireless plugs like Nero-TX. Now they not only start with headphones, but strike with noise reduction at once. This is one of the few in the test that offers a proper case, something we are grateful for. Inside, we find both a micro-USB charging cable and a better quality audio cable, along with an aircraft adapter.

Construction and comfort

At least the black model is very discreet as you can barely make out the logo. Thanks to the fact that the watches can be folded both flat and together, they are easy to carry in your luggage. Despite some plastic, the feeling of quality is good and the construction feels robust. The hoop gives a suitable pressure against the ears, and is sufficiently padded to be comfortable. The watch’s cushions are unusually delicious and, thanks to a breathable material, give no sweaty ears even with prolonged use.

Well-built headphones with good padding that sits very comfortably. (Photo: Tech Reviews)

Features and handling

Supra has also set all its buttons on the right clock. But they sit sufficiently far apart, and feel different with your finger so that you can easily find the right button. The handling is straightforward. A switch turns the noise reduction on or off. The multifunction button turns on the volume control. We are also not completely happy with the micro-USB charging, as most people today have switched to USB-C. However, we are impressed that they charge in just one hour. And 15 minutes of fast charging gives a full 6 hours of listening.

Sound quality and noise reduction

They simply sound very musical. And to the extent that Nitro-X BT were the only headphones that we actually continued to walk around with and listen to when we had finished testing them. The bass is solid but controlled, the middle register present and the treble ready. However, the noise reduction does not maintain the same level. It does not dampen noise as effectively as Sony, and gives a lot of unwanted noise when you do not have the music on.


Supra Nitro-X Wireless is very comfortable, even with longer listening, and does not give the same sweaty ears as many others. The functions are straightforward and easy to handle. Battery life is good and they charge exceptionally fast. But most importantly, the music sounds brilliant in them. Unfortunately, the noise reduction does not reach the same level, so there the top grade breaks. But if this had been a test of ordinary wireless headphones, the question is whether we would not have had a winner here.

Supra Nitro-X BT

We think

Brilliant sound quality. Very fast charging. Comfortable comfort with ventilating pillows. Moderate noise reduction. Micro-USB charging. No mobile app.

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