CES 2024: Rabbit R1 – New AI assistant sparks excitement

Rabbit Inc. made a splash at CES in Las Vegas with Rabbit R1 - a brand new type of dedicated AI assistant.

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CES 2024: Rabbit R1 – New AI assistant sparks excitement

The Rabbit R1 small pocket device has received a lot of attention at this year’s CES for its innovative design and use of artificial intelligence.

What is Rabbit R1?

Developed in collaboration with Swedish Teenage Engineering, Rabbit R1 is a compact handheld device that can perform daily tasks for the user. This can be anything from ordering food, getting travel information and buying goods online. The goal is to simplify everyday life by leaving more trivial tasks to artificial intelligence.

With a simple push-and-hold button for voice commands, a touchscreen, a scroll wheel and rotating camera, the small gadget will use artificial intelligence (AI) to become our new companion. It runs its own operating system called Rabbit OS, which is built on the company’s Large Action Model (LAM).

Rabbit-R1-3-1024x768- enhanced
Kameraet på Rabbit R1 kan roteres 360 grader. Foto: Rabbit, Inc.

Wi-Fi and mobile network

The small AI assistant has both Wi-Fi and SIM card support, a simple 2.3 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. The screen is 2.88 inches and the camera can be rotated 360 degrees.

Battery life is rated at one day, which is probably a bit on the short side. We would have liked it to last two days.

Is it too big? Do you want to use your voice all the time?

The device seems to fit well in the hand, but if it’s going to be on your body all the time, isn’t it a bit too big? And then, of course, there’s the problem of walking and talking into a gadget all the time.

I think you can easily get used to the latter. I currently have a dictaphone called Plaud for testing. It’s a dictaphone that you can use to record your own thoughts, a phone conversation, a meeting or a lecture – and then use ChatGPT to transcribe the recording into text and create a summary. So far, I definitely think the dictaphone concept is something that can simplify everyday life. Especially for a distracted person like myself.

To stay with Plaud, it’s the size of a credit card and works with the iPhone. It magnetically docks on the back with MagSafe and gets both power and microphone access via the phone. This way, the device won’t run out of power before your phone does and it’s a much more elegant pocket companion.

Rabbit R1 – price and availability

The Rabbit R1 may well turn out to simplify people’s everyday lives and is just one example of how we really have no idea where artificial intelligence will take us.

The Rabbit R1 is available for pre-order now and is priced at $199. The US will get the first units at the end of March, the rest of us will have to wait until “later in 2024”.

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