Fyne Audio F1-8S is the new kid in the top range

The Fyne Audio F1-8S is neither small nor cheap, but it's still more affordable and interior-friendly than its bigger siblings.

written by / 2023-10-20 - 10:00 am
Fyne Audio F1-8S is the new kid in the top range

Scottish Fyne Audio has unashamedly named its top series after the top class of motorsport, Formula 1. Now the series is expanded with the F1-8S floorstanding speaker, which has a slightly smaller displacement than the largest floorstanding models, the F1-10 and F1-12 (with 10″ and 12″ coaxial units respectively). According to Fyne, the slim speaker offers a crisp soundstage and even better dynamics. And in a cabinet that’s easier to fit into your interior design.

In reality, the F1-8S can be seen as a floorstanding version of the F.1-8 floorstanding speaker. It uses a modified version of the 8″ IsoFlare coaxial unit used in the compact F1-8. The unit has had its edge suspension upgraded, and the cryogenically treated(!) crossover has been adapted to the larger cabinet.

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Fyne Audio showed elaborate vintage style at the high end fair in Munich.

According to Fyne Audio, the speaker has the same playing style and musical communication as the F1-8. But with improved deep bass and dynamics due to the larger cabinet. The sensitivity is relatively high (91 dB), which should make it compatible with most amplifiers. Even single-ended tube amplifiers.

The price is €8,987 for a set.

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