Review : Samsung Q85R (QE65Q85R)

Close to the top model

Samsung Q85R is a very well equipped TV, which really breathes the flagship model Q90R in the neck, at a noticeably lower price!

Samsung Q85R

Our verdict

Lots of equipment and good connection options, as well as very sharp image quality, make the Q85R an attractive model.
The flagship Q90R has a horse's head in front in some areas. And when you are still so close, it might be tempting to go for the top model anyway?
  • Size / type: 65 ”4K QLED LCD
  • Resolution: 3840×2160 (4K Ultra HD)
  • Operating system: Tizen
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 2 USB
  • Outputs: Optical digital audio output
  • HDR: HDR10 +
  • Other: One Connection, Direct Full Array backlight
  • Web:
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Price: £ 2999

As mentioned, Samsung has greatly expanded the QLED range this year, and the Samsung Q85R is perhaps the most exciting newcomer. Here we are talking about a kind of junior top model who is the big brother in the industry in several areas.

In terms of design, this candidate is very similar to the Q80R, with a similar T-shaped base – which in our eyes appears a bit impractical. However, the Q85R has some tricks that make it far more tempting to mount on the wall!

Ease of use and features

Unlike the Q80R, the Q85 offers the option of “No Gap Wall Mount” which allows you to hang the screen close to the wall. This is a patent we know from Samsung’s design model The Frame (note, however, that the wall mount itself is optional in this case).

In addition, the Q85 comes with a separate junction box and power supply: The so-called One Invisible Connection allows you to make all of the connections to a separate device that can be hidden away in cabinets or shelving. From this you can pull a thin cable that carries both power and signal up to the screen. Very simple and flexible, and extra practical if you choose to mount the TV on the wall.

The Q85R is also equipped with all the latest features on the smart front, including Ambient Mode, Airplay 2 and fresh apps such as Apple TV +. A separate Auto Low Latency Mode ensures the lowest possible delay for games (down to 15 milliseconds).

Image quality

As mentioned, the Q85R has many similarities with the top model Q90R. The main difference lies in a lower number of LED dimming zones: the Q85R has to settle for far fewer individual LED zones than its big brother, and also has a lower brightness (1500 versus 2000 nits). Apart from that, the technical performance – including screen filter, video processor and image processing – is very similar.

The family resemblance is also evident in the fact that we put the Q85R on the test bench. This TV provides really strong contrast! With ample brightness, precise local dimming and at the same time the very matte “Moth Eye” anti-reflection filter, it is the setting for a picture experience with superb depth and realism. The first impression is that this TV comes surprisingly close to the big brother Q90R in performance, and we actually had to come up with some “torture tests” to really make a difference.

The biggest difference between the Q85R and its big brother lies in the maximum light intensity (measured in the number of nits) and how precise the light control it has. The former is mostly expressed in extreme HDR sequences – Q85R has a little less gunpowder in the brightest parts of the image, but the difference is not huge. For ordinary TV viewing, it has more than enough brightness, even on a bright day. The taillight is also noticeably more precise than models like the Q70R and Q80R, and you have to be pretty close to see the difference from the Q90R.


Samsung Q85R has a picture quality that is close to the flagship model Q90R at a favorable price: With a price tag that is almost 10,000 kroner lower (65 “), we are definitely talking about a good buy! In addition, it has a number of design advantages over the simpler models in the QLED series, including a separate junction box, slim wall mount and hidden cabling, this TV is extra suitable for wall mounting.

For those of you who want a taste of high-end performance without emptying your savings account completely, the Q85R is definitely a worthy alternative to the Q90R.

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