Review: Samsung UE55MU7000


The Samsung UE55MU7075 boasts great design, as well as excellent usability, picture and sound, making it one of the better purchases in this price range.

Published 2018-08-21 - 10:58 am
Samsung UE55MU7000
Audun Hage

The Samsung UE55MU7075 is a stylish TV in a very thin frame with a dark, brushed design. Samsung has thought holistically, and fitted the backside with smooth surfaces and covers to conceal the wires that lead to a separate “Mini Connect” junction box. It makes for a smooth and attractive installation.

Usability and features

Samsung has developed its own operating system (Tizen) which is tailored for TV use. The TV starts immediately, can switch between different apps instantly (multitasking), and start movies or shows right where you left off. Samsung has also made sure to include most of the local apps, including TV 2 Sumo, Viaplay, NRK/NRK Super, C more, HBO as well as of course Netflix and YouTube. The remote control is small and slim, with very few buttons. However, it has quick buttons for its most important functions and can be programmed to control other devices. It may require some getting used to for “grown-ups”, but we like it.

Picture quality

The 7 series tends to provide the most for your money in terms of picture quality, and this year Samsung has chosen to split the models into two different levels: a mid-range model MU7000 and a premium series Q7F. Here we test MU7075, a derivative model sold at Elkjøp and Lefdal. It differs from a standard MU7005 by having a more expensive remote control, as well as a more advanced dimming technique in the backlight.
While last year’s bestseller UE55KS7005 delivered top-of-the-class brightness and contrast, Samsung 55MU7075 has a slightly more dimmed picture rendering. It quickly becomes clear that this model is not meant to be the direct heir to the KS7005. The performance in contrast and brightness is more standard, and we would probably need to have the more expensive QE55Q7F to surpass the predecessor’s performance in all areas.
Having said that, the UE55MU7075 produces excellent images compared to the other competitors in the test. The matte surface ensures that the screen provides few reflections of the surroundings. Our test copy also had even light distribution, with no detectable clouding problems. The black level is acceptable, although it does not match Sony’s superb backlit display. In addition, the viewing angle is quite narrow. The colours change character quickly when you are not sitting directly in front of the screen. Despite this, the Samsung display keeps up with the more expensive test participants.

Sound quality

Samsung display’s submounted speakers direct the sound downwards before it is reflected up toward the listener. This makes the sound very dependent on placement. The built-in speakers seem to be of a good quality and can play loud and clear without sounding sharp or grainy. We could increase to volume 100 without stressing the TV sound!


Samsung UE55MU7075 delivers all the great qualities we associate with Samsung. The design is well thought out, and the smart platform is both user friendly and quick. The picture quality is not as colourful and contrastive as the very best in this test, but it is close enough to be a good buy.

Samsung UE55MU7000

We think

Great design, fast performing smart TV and excellent image quality make Samsung a good all-rounder. 55MU7075 delivers only average contrast and brightness, and does not have a particularly good viewing angle.

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