Review: Sonos One

A smarter Sonos

Sonos One will one day give us both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in one and the same smart speaker. But Google is waiting.

Sonos One
Published 2020-09-08 - 12:00 pm
Our opinion
Sonos One withstands moisture and sounds good. With upcoming updates, it will be among the most versatile on the market.
Until further notice, it is Alexa who applies, who does not speak Norwegian. There are speakers with heavier bass.
  • Type: Smart speaker
  • Management system: Amazon Alexa
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect
  • Connection: Ethernet
  • Speaker element: not specified
  • Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 12 cm
  • Colors: White or black
  • Other: Works in stereo pairs
  • Web:

In terms of size, the Sonos One is almost identical to the Play: 1, but the look is a little more discreet to be able to blend even more into the interior. The buttons on the top have provided space for touch controls to start and stop playback as well as control the sound level.

The installation is as usual ridiculously simple. You choose to add a new speaker to the app, tap the pairing app on the back, and it will appear. You can pair two pieces to get a small stereo system. Or use two pieces as rear speakers in a small home theater, along with Playbase or Sonos Playbar.

Like the simpler Play: 1, One sounds very good for its size. It has an open sound, with a warmer and fuller midrange than the others in the class. Important on both voices and instruments, and Sonos also follows upwards. Run TruePlay room correction, and it becomes even more distinct upwards, but then it can also be in the sharpest layer. Sonos is still among the most sonorous in this test.

Alexa works just as well on the Sonos One as on the Amazon Echo. Steer the road with your voice! It also has built-in AirPlay 2, and can be voice controlled via iPhone or an Apple HomePod. But it can not be voice controlled directly with the Apple system. As far as Google Home is concerned, this has been constantly postponed since its launch in 2017. The latest news from Sonos is that it is constantly being worked on, and “the plan is during 2019”. In other words, it is Alexa in English that applies in the foreseeable future.


Only Sonos is Sonos, and the usability of Sonos One is in class with others from the same manufacturer. In the top seat, in other words. The sound is nice, especially the midrange is rich and adds warmth to voices and instruments. Clear speech is a nice plus, when talking to the speaker. Unfortunately, Google Home support is still vulnerable, it is Alexa in English that applies.

Also in this test

Libratone Zipp Mini 2

Looks like a thermos

Libratone goes against the flow, and the Alexa speaker Libratone Zipp Mini 2 looks like a thermos. It is portable, plays music well, and two can be connected in stereo.

12 hours of battery life makes the speaker very flexible. Clear sound on speech and approved sound on music.
There is a lack of bass, and the speaker falls short when you want to gobble up. As is well known, Alexa does not speak Norwegian.

Harman Kardon Citation 100

Looks Fantastic

This is probably the prettiest speaker we've seen in its class. However, the Harman Kardon Citation 100 fails to take sound advantage of its larger exterior.

The speaker has a beautiful finish in wool, and looks fantastic. Google voice control makes it speak Norwegian, and the sound is very clear and pleasant.
Does not play as big and powerful as the size gives hope for.

Marshall Stanmore II Voice Google Assistant

Concert from the bookshelf

Marshall Stanmore II plays much louder sound than the competition, without compromising the balance. It crushes them, quite simply.

No other smart speakers we have heard deliver this sound pressure. It just gets even heavier because it also sounds balanced and good enough for calm tones.
The sound can be experienced as a bit rough at the edges, and the appearance of the Marshall speakers does not appeal to everyone.

Apple HomePod

Approved from Apple

Apple HomePod has very good sound and is easy to use. But smart steering seems too rigid and solid.

Impressive deep bass combined with clear, airy sound. In addition, the HomeKit system is very stable.
It's not just about adding products to control. As there are currently quite a few of. Does not speak Norwegian

Hama Sirium 1400ABT

Bigger does not mean bigger sound

Hamas' smallest Alexa speaker Sirium 1400ABT is a bit larger than the Amazon Echo, but still fails to give us any greater sound.

Clear enough sound, and the speaker enjoys the functionality of the Alexa system.
Larger cabinets still do not produce louder sound than the smaller competitors. Cannot currently pair in stereo. Alexa does not speak Norwegian.

Google Home

Enormous potential

The Google Home system has enormous potential, but as a speaker this is not the best.

Perhaps the market's most successful voice control and merging of smart products.
Even if the bass is full enough, it murmurs upwards in the voice range, and destroys the sound from both the voice assistant and the newscaster. We miss routine commands in Norway.

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Clear voice

With ready-made sound on the voice assistant, only the language barrier stands between us and the automated work tasks.

A compact and appealing appearance, clear speech sound and also a stable and good control system compared to other devices. Two can be paired in stereo.
The sound is tame on music, you have to take some detours to get the speaker connected in Norway, and Alexa does not understand Norwegian.

Kygo B9/800

Smart speaker that can swim

Kygo B9/800 is the only smart speaker we know of that you can take with you to the swimming pool.

Withstands water up to a meter depth for 30 minutes. It even floats! Google Home makes the Kygo B9 / 800 an exciting portable speaker.
The sound can be experienced a little strained over time. For desktop use, the USB connector on top is not very nice, with a cable sticking up and hanging down.
Rich sound and full streaming

The Audio Pro A38 floorstanding speakers are an interior-friendly all-in-one stereo system with music streaming, multi-room and TV connectivity.

Active retro speakers from klipsch

Fancy wireless speakers with power? Klipsch The Sevens and The Nines should rock the house.

Revitalised classics

New generation of Beosound home speakers.

Børresen under 10K

New entry-level model at a lower (OK, slightly less high!) price.

Truly magical speakers

The Raidho X1t sounds so clean, resolved and big that instruments and vocals are like being cut from crystal.

Next generation smart speakers by Sonos

The rumours were true: the new Sonos speakers are coming on 28 March, and we've heard them.

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