Review: Samsung HW-Q810D

Among the best in its class

Competitors will have a tough time against Samsung's cinema machine: The HW-Q810D delivers impressive and convincing surround sound - even without rear speakers.

Published 27 June 2024 - 6:00 am
Samsung HW-Q810D
Audun Hage

Samsung has a wide range of soundbars that are popular companions to their TV models. The premium mid-sized HW-Q810D is new this year and is actually their largest soundbar without wireless rear speakers. With support for both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, it’s well equipped for multi-platform cinema entertainment.

Samsung HW-Q810D

The Samsung bar is approximately 110 centimetres wide and is ideal for large TV screens. However, it’s low enough not to obscure the image. The design consists mainly of perforated metal mesh to give the many drivers inside room to breathe.

The speaker configuration is 5.1.2 channels, including dedicated units for surround and height channels. So while the Q810D doesn’t come with separate rear speakers, it can simulate this using audio processing.

There is also a similar version WITH wireless rear speakers, called the HW-Q935D. In other words, the Q810D is a great option for those looking to save money and space.

Samsung HW-Q810D. The package also includes a separate wireless subwoofer (Photo: Samsung)

Sound quality

The Q810D is easy to set up via the Samsung Smartthings app, which provides access to streaming services and sound settings via your mobile phone. It offers automatic room correction (Spacefit Sound Pro), which also adjusts the subwoofer. If you connect it to a compatible Samsung TV, it can also use the TV speakers simultaneously using Q Symphony.

Sound-wise, the Samsung bar is easy to love straight away. The HW-Q810D provides a big and wide soundstage with a convincing depth and realism. We don’t get many seconds into Top Gun: Maverick before the cinema feeling starts to set in.

The sound is energised without feeling strained in any way. The soundbar has enough power and energy to play loud. Dialogue comes through clearly from the centre channel – we can clearly hear the communication between Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and the ground crew.

“There’s a good atmosphere here,” Geir comments, and Audun nods approvingly.

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The JBL Bar 800 delivers an impressive sound experience with powerful bass, detachable rear speakers and easy set-up.

The Samsung soundbar also manages to provide an impressive surround effect with Dolby Atmos soundtracks despite the lack of rear speakers. We get a clear sense that sound effects are passing over our heads and that something is actually happening behind us. It would probably be even better with physical rear speakers – but you can do without them.

When the pilot fires up the jet engines, the subwoofer in the corner roars convincingly. Admittedly, we can hear that it struggles to keep up at really high volumes. As the test aircraft approaches Mach 10, the JBL Bar 800 delivers even more energy. But overall, the Samsung sub performs very well.

(Photo: Samsung)

For music

The Samsung Q810D also sounds great for music, although it’s not as superior here as it is for watching films. The surround recording of Queen’s “Live in Montreal” sounds big and energetic with a good live feel. Freddie Mercury’s voice is clear and there’s a good punch on the drums and bass. We notice that the timing of the subwoofer has improved compared to previous generations from Samsung. We can also clearly hear the noise from the audience around us, even without rear speakers.

Loreen’s acoustic version of “Tattoo” in stereo also sounds big and present, but the vocals are not as crystal clear here as Klipsch, for example, manages to achieve. The latter also has an even wider stereo perspective and a slightly tighter and more melodious reproduction of the bass guitar. All in all, the Samsung still provides a decent music experience.


The Samsung HW-Q810D delivers a solid and well-rounded home cinema sound that surpasses the other participants in the test. Even without additional rear speakers, it manages to deliver a large and convincing surround sound image with clear dialogue and deep bass.

Musically, the Samsung soundbar is also top notch, although there are other competitors with equally good or even better music reproduction in stereo. Overall, the Samsung HW-Q810D is the best soundbar in this test, and it’s also among the most affordable, which is great to see. A really good soundbar!

Please note. You can choose to buy extra rear speakers for the Q810D if you wish, but the big brother HW-Q935D is a better option. That model also has additional front side speakers, bringing the total number of channels from 5.1.2 to 9.1.4.

As another curiosity, the new Music Frame speaker can also be used with the HW-Q810D, but it only has two channels without additional height effects, bringing the number to 7.1.2.

Samsung HW-Q810D

We think

The Samsung HW-Q810D delivers a large and convincing soundstage with impressive realism and 3D effect. Bonus points for good surround sound without rear speakers. The small display makes it a little difficult to read the status information.

Among the best in its class

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