Review : Klipsch R-10B

High entertainment factor

With horn tweeters and a powerful subwoofer, Klipsch R-10B that knows how to kick off!

Our verdict

Both music and film are played with a high entertainment factor. Singing voices and dialogues are bigger and fuller than we are used to, and the subwoofer sounds good.
Without a display, the ease of use is mediocre. The harmonic range could have been more resolved.
  • HDMI: no
  • Digital input: Optical
  • Wireless: Bluetooth (aptX)
  • Analog input: RCA
  • Subwoofer: Wireless
  • W x H x D = 101.6 x 10.5 x 7.1 cm
  • Color: Black
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Price: £ 599

The black and slightly lumpy plank from Klipsch has no display. Instead, a color LED indicates which light source is selected: green is optical, and blue indicates Bluetooth. Here is neither network connection nor HDMI input, the board is connected instead to the TV with optical digital cable. Dolby Digital is supported but not DTS. You may therefore want to set the TV to broadcast PCM.

The advantages of the few features are that the Klipsch R-10B is easy to use. Press the 3D button on the remote control to make a larger sound on film, and again to deactivate when playing music, which sounds best in normal stereo.

There is a completely different rhythm in Klipsch on music in stereo, than the other soundbars. The midrange is large, which means that singing voices have a good chest sound. The guitar sound is rich, it only needs a little tone structure from the box office. But the powerful sound makes this the most entertaining soundbar for music.

Film pulls well, the subwoofer hangs with and has stepless level adjustment. The 3D sound works well, but you notice better artifacts in the phase rendering with Klipsch than with Denon and Sony. Nevertheless, this function is preferred when the film is spun.

Overall, a very entertaining soundbard!

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