Review: Beoplay P6

Gorgeous and Exclusive

Beoplay P6 is more of the same, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Published 2019-10-08 - 3:58 pm
Beoplay P6
Mikael Hansen

With clear references to the Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 6000 sound system, the Danes have launched another portable Bluetooth speaker on the market. The name is Beoplay P6, and it will replace the previously so popular A2. The price is, in the usual B&O style, high. Fortunately, so is the feeling of quality.

The P6 is designed by Cecilie Manz, who has designed pretty much all the other Beoplay speakers, except the A2, A6 and A9. It therefore seems extremely familiar, with its soft shapes and leather cord on the side. That said, it also has its own expression, which gives associations to toasters, microphones and razors. With an IP54 certification, it can withstand dust and dirt, and is therefore well suited for a walk on the beach or balcony. The buttons to control the P6 are located at the top. They are part of the outer shell, which is cut from a piece of anodized aluminum. It gives a soft surface with a comfortable but firm pressure. Here, in addition to the volume, Bluetooth and on / off buttons, there is room for a programmable button, which can be set in the app.

Up to 16 hours
According to B&O, P6 can play for up to 16 hours. It immediately sounds like a lot, but depending on how loud you turn up the volume, it is experienced as less. Yes, it may be self-explanatory, but I was still a little surprised when the sound pressure suddenly dropped drastically a couple of times. This indicates that it is time to locate the USB cable. As with the A1, two devices can be connected in a stereo pair. We did not have the opportunity to test this part.

Beoplay P6 is available in gray and black. Photo: B&O


Good sound, as expected
As for the sound, the P6 boasts, like the A2, having a 360-degree sound image. It should therefore in theory be perceived equally, whether one is sitting directly in front or next to it. This is not the case, and the sound is clearly best when you have the grid directly opposite. Fortunately, the P6 can play loud, so it is no problem to fill the room with music. As we have different preferences for what good sound is, the sound profile can of course be set via the Beoplay app, if you want more bottom or air at the top, for example. However, we are quite satisfied with the basic setting, which is suitably detailed and still kicks off in the lower registers.

Beoplay P6: Conclusion

Beoplay P6 builds on Bang & Olufsen’s portfolio of portable Bluetooth speakers in a nice and predictable way. The design is well known, and the sound is good and can be adjusted individually if you want more bass or air at the top. However, the price is still in the absolute high range for a portable speaker, and the battery could have had a little more power. It’s always nice to know what you get from Bang & Olufsen, but maybe it’s soon time for some surprises.

Beoplay P6

We think

Gorgeous and exclusive design. The speaker can play loud, deep and clear. No charger is included in the package, and the battery could have played a little longer.

Nostalgia in a convenient package

Speak no evil

We thought they were more expensive

They sound as good as they look

Wireless retro speaker

True portable home cinema

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