Review: LG SJ8

Let the sound flow

The soundbar from LG is one of the most affordable with built-in network features and streaming of music services. It also sounds good.

Published 2018-08-17 - 1:08 pm
Geir Nordby

LG SJ8 is the widest of the test and looks great with big TVs. It is sleek and elegant and is user-friendly with a clear and straightforward display in the front.
Besides the HDMI input that supports all video formats, SJ8 has both wireless and wired network functionality. Spotify customers can enjoy direct streaming with the Connect feature, and the built-in Chromecast provides access to several other music services, including Deezer.
High-resolution music files are also supported, although we don’t see quite the point of high-resolution sound from a soundbar, which will always be a compromise regarding sound compared to an actual stereo system.

Sound quality

The dialogue in the film sounds loud and clear. Perhaps a bit slimmed down in the mid range, but not too much. Simulated surround sound also works fine. Although LG does not attempt to make sound in the height dimension, the soundscape feels almost as huge as with Samsung and Sony. However, it does not quite reach Yamaha in this respect.
One criticism is that LG’s volume is not as loud as the most powerful soundbars. It can seem slightly lightweight in action movies, although the soundbar works fine for daily use.
Music in stereo works, but midrange is somewhat reticent. Lady Gaga’s voice in the acoustic Joanne has nice fullness down in the range, which not all soundbars can bring forth. At the same time, it lacks air at the very top. Compared with Samsung and JBL, the sound isn’t as clear, and the subwoofer is also slightly flimsy.


The LG SJ8 is a wide soundbar, and therefore looks best with somewhat larger TVs. It has built-in network features and streaming, which makes music more accessible with better quality than if you use Bluetooth. It also sounds quite good and sounds best for movies with clear and open sound. It’s no powerhouse, but it does the trick.

High End

We think

The sound is crisp, with a clear dialogue on movies. The soundscape is huge, and we give a thumbs up for the network and streaming services. It lacks power, and it can sound a little slim.

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