Review: DALI Oberon 1

Inherits from the more expensive series

DALI's smallest budget model has borrowed technology from the more advanced models.

Published 19 June 2021 - 5:56 am
DALI Oberon 1
John Hvidlykke

Dali Oberon 1 is the smallest model in DALI’s bang for the buck series, Oberon. Even though we are in the budget class, we can still afford a midwoofer with the characteristic wood fiber cone. And (a tiny bit of) the special SMC material is used in the magnet system.

The cabinet seems quite heavy and solid, and although the wood finish is not genuine, the result with black painted front and walnut on all other surfaces is neat. The biding posts on the back are cheap, but fully functional. And the possibility of bi-wiring will not be missed.

Also the back is “veneered” with vinyl. The binding posts are cheap but okay. (Photo: DALI)

The sound quality

Whether it is due to the wooden diaphragm, the magnetic material or something else entirely, is not known. But the sound from DALI Oberon 1 is extra clean! The midrange reproduction is significantly better than on any of the other participants. Voices sound nuanced and detailed in a way that I would think should cost at least twice as much.

The perspective is beautiful with good width and depth. It is even possible to sense the location of the walls and place instruments in the depth perspective – if the rest of the electronics and the recording allow it. It is far better than what one can expect for the price.

The individual dubbing tracks on Disturbed’s version of The Sound of Silence can not only be felt (which they cannot on all the participants), they stand out razor sharp!

The bass reproduction is really nice compared to the fact that Oberon 1 is the physically smallest in the test. But with such a small unit in a mini-cabinet, the power is limited. The treble is fine and well-resolved, but it is the midrange that is the star. Large orchestra together with solo singing at high volume, however, it is impossible to escape well. The power at the bottom is lacking and it all sounds like pressure. But it is still possible to separate the individual instruments, which is actually well done.

Even though we are in the budget class, we can still afford a bass / midrange unit with the characteristic wood fiber membrane. (Photo: DALI)


DALI Oberon 1 is the second most expensive model in the test, but you get full value for money in the form of a very nuanced and accurate music reproduction. The sensitivity is the lowest in the test, so forget about playing loud. Oberon 1 is also available in an active version with a built-in amplifier. But the passive is actually even better.

DALI Oberon 1

We think

Clean and nuanced reproduction, especially in the midrange. Draws up a nice acoustic scene. Less effective than the others, so forget about playing loud.

Among the best in its class

Big sound in a flexible format

Wall art with sound

Punches above its weight class

Finally truly wireless

Sublime music presenter in 70s disguise

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