Review: Ecovacs GOAT G1-800

The beautiful garden greenkeeper

This is the smallest and most affordable variant of Ecovacs' popular Goat robots

Published 25 May 2024 - 6:43 am
Ecovacs GOAT G1-800
Pernille Redder

There is nothing more frustrating than unpacking a product and realising that something is missing, a gadget, batteries, anything. We have just enough time to get that feeling while installing the Ecovacs Goat G1-800, because according to the manual, the test garden needs three of the white and silver coloured beacons that Ecovacs cable-free technology is based on. And only two are included as standard in the box the robot comes in.

Some swearing later, we decide to try our best with the two poles and we place them at two extremes of the unshaped garden.

And then it was time for the excitement to begin: was it enough for Goat to create a usable map of the garden?

The answer is a resounding yes! The demarcation works flawlessly, and we breathe a sigh of relief and get our heart rate down. Now it’s playtime!

No, it’s not a spaceship, but a futuristic-looking robotic lawnmower (Photo: Pernille Redder)

Simple installation

It’s easy to install the Goat G1-800 and map the garden. It’s also easy to mark small ‘islands’ where you don’t want it to go. After installation, Goat starts driving around on its own to explore the terrain. And this is where we get worried again.

The sensitive sensor with advanced technology doesn’t notice the tennis balls and dog toys scattered around the grass. One of the tennis balls gets run over three times on this reconnaissance trip. Fortunately, Goat hasn’t started mowing the lawn yet.

It only does so after a few minutes when we ask it to. We watch anxiously as it approaches the tennis ball again. Will it tear it up or go around it?

With the camera, garden owners can use the Ecovacs Goat G1-800 for surveillance, but there is no built-in GPS tracking. (Photo: Pernille Redder)

Sensitive sensor

No need to panic. The tennis ball survives, because just over a metre before the Goat turns around. It turns out there’s a dandelion sticking up out of the lawn, which it apparently recognises as an obstacle!

The garden owner has to manually pick all the dandelions before the Goat G1-800 can move freely. And it turns out that it recognises the tennis ball and drives around it. But it would be nice if it wasn’t so nervous about coming into close contact with the yellow flowers on the lawn.

The mowing

After the test period is over, it’s clear that the Ecovacs Goat G1-800 mows a beautiful lawn. There are no visible stripes and a completely uniform carpet of grass. And since it has been mowing daily, it no longer has the problem of seeing dandelions as obstacles to be avoided.

There is also a noticeable and positive difference in the amount of moss – indications are that the lawn may eventually become completely moss-free, which pleases the garden owner.

Goat G1 wants to be noticed and admired (Photo: Pernille Redder)


Ecovacs’ technology requires you to place a number of white and silver coloured poles around the garden for the Goat G1-800 to navigate. We have yet to meet a garden owner who thinks they look good. Therefore, it can’t get a top mark. The fact that you have to check your garden for dandelions and other weeds, which Goat has avoided with its sensitive sensor, is also a drawback.

Ecovacs GOAT G1-800

Spot any obstacle in advance. Ecovacs technology requires a number of white and silver coloured poles to be placed around the garden

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