Review: Beats Powerbeats Pro

Still among our favorites

Top-class wireless range, fully-fitted fit - Beats Powerbeats Pro delivers a very engaging sound.

Our verdict

Very engaging sound, and a fit that never falls off. Seamless integration with Siri. Class-leading wireless range.
There are earplugs with better resolution at the very top. Missing some of the features of AirPods Pro.
  • Type: completely wireless earplugs
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Code: AAC, SBC
  • Battery: 9 h + 15 h from case
  • App: No.
  • Weight: 2 x 20.3 g (weight of case not specified)
  • Charging cable: Lightning
  • Number of ear cushions in the box: 4
  • Web:
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Price: £ 259

If you would like to have AirPods Pro, but think the protruding microphones are a deal breaker, or you think the sound is too loud at the top, then Apple-owned Beats Powerbeats Pro has virtually the same functionality.

Powerbeats Pro has the same fantastic wireless range as the AirPods Pro (around 50 meters according to my own experience), is water and sweat repellent, and easily connects to the iPhone by leading them up. And they charge through the Lightning plug. Powerbeats Pro will also be able to appeal to Android users, because the only features reserved for Apple users are the aforementioned connection method, and that Google Assistant can not be called.

Powerbeats Pro
Photo: Geir Nordby

The beats do not have Apple’s noise reduction function, and you can not use the “Where Is” app on the iPhone to find them if you have put them in a slightly too clever place. And since the microphones do not protrude, the other party will not hear you quite so clearly during a mobile call.

Powerbeats Pro has a long battery life; a full nine hours in the plugs and an extra 15 hours in the case. The case is admittedly a bit large for the trouser pocket, to make room for the ear hoops. We have to endure that.

The ear hoops that go all the way around the ear make it impossible for the plugs to fall out. It also means that the pillows stay in place very well, so there is very little squeaking noise against the ear canal. Also when you exercise! Which in turn makes it much more comfortable to listen to these than many others.

The sound of Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro is an energy bomb of dimensions in the midrange range, and has the bass to follow up. Pop music engages thousands, and rock is reproduced with rock-hard guitars. This is the sound Klipsch should aim for, with its T5 True Wireless.

There is also great touch and speed in grand piano and piano. There is a lack of air and a feeling of space in relation to the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless and Technics AZ70, and also the Bang & Olufsen plugs have more sound structures than Beats. But compared to the Jaybird Vista training plugs, Beats is far more energetic and engaging. The Jabra Elite Active 75t also sounds more woolly than the Beats straight out of the box, although those with a swipe through the EQ function can be adjusted to actually sound better.

It is still clear that Powerbeats Pro has real gaming fun, and never gets boring to listen to. Still among those I would rather spend my own money on.


The earloop is not for everyone, but it means that the plugs never fall out, and they make almost no squeaking sounds in the ears at all. Thumbs up from here!

The sound is well balanced and very rhythmic and engaging. The only thing missing is a little more air at the top, but this is a damn good overall package.

It is also no minus that the connection is super stable, wireless range is superb, and the battery life as well.

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