JBL Reflect Contour

As if glued stuck

Even an avid athlete will have trouble ripping the JBL out of the ears.

(Photo: Manufacturer)
JBL Reflect Contour
JBL Reflect Contour

JBL has shown up ringside with Reflect Contour that has gone all out on the fit, which is also particularly good. They call it “Dual Lock Technology”, resulting in headphones that hardly move, no matter how hard you pull the cable that connects the two earbuds. The reason for this can be found in the double hoops on each side, which sit both inside and outside the ear. JBL should be praised for this as it is one of the most important qualities for fitness earbuds. Thus, JBL is also more suited for intense sports, and not just running. The battery life is set for eight hours, which they lived up to nicely.

The sound is a little flat

In terms of sound, the JBL Reflect Contour does not stand out. It’s clear and good, but there is not much bass, which makes them seem a touch flat. However, wanting a lot of bass when training is a matter of taste, and does not tarnish this assessment. Nevertheless, the built-in remote control detracts slightly. It feels heavy on the chord and therefore smacks against the neck when running. At the same time, having configured the centre button to make and take calls instead of the default function of jumping back and forth in the music, confused me quite a bit in the beginning. No, I did not read the instruction manual.


JBL is one of the well-known players in headphone tests, and they have always performed quite brilliantly. The sound quality is fine, without being flashy, and the battery life is good. Where Reflect Contour really stands out is in the fit. They just don’t want to come out, no matter how hard you tug on the cord, which is a huge plus, and if there had been more bass and the remote control was lighter, the product would have earned top marks.

  • Dual Lock
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired remote control
  • Sweat resistant (IPX5)
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Battery: 5 hours
  • Price: –
  • Website:
PositiveThe fit is wonderfully well, if one likes the hoop around the ear. Price and battery life are also approved.
NegativeThe remote control of the wire is a little big and complicated. The sound could do well with a little more bottom and bass.
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