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Vi kårer Apple iPad Pro 12,9 (2020)

iPads laptop ambitions almost realized

The screen is still the best we’ve seen, with excellent color reproduction and smooth panning, thanks to the 120 Hz refresh rate. This year’s screen has, however, become up to 50 percent brighter, which really helps outdoors.

Like the latest MacBook Pro models, it also has five microphones for high-quality stereo recordings.

The big and most obvious news is that Apple has now also equipped the iPad Pro with more cameras. The previous model’s wide angle camera of 12 megapixels is retained, and we can not see any obvious quality improvement since last.

Interestingly enough, however, there is also an extra sensor next to the camera lenses. It is a so-called LiDAR scanner, which stands for Light Detection And Ranging. It throws light at objects up to 5 meters away, and measures the distance from the camera with enormous precision.

Apple has already had thin and soft keyboard cases for previous iPad models, but they have not actually been as good as the third-party manufacturers. It has been possible to write shorter texts on them, but it has not been possible to compare with proper laptops. The new Magic Keyboard gives a completely different impression, with proper construction and a spectacular floating feeling of the tablet.

Whether it is very important to be able to use it as a laptop, however, the question is whether one should not get just that instead. An iPad Pro 12.9 “with 256 GB of storage costs NOK 13,400, and with a Magic Keyboard at NOK 4,400 we actually get up to NOK 17,800. Which is comparable to the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro with 256 GB of storage, which costs 16,800 kroner!
But the iPad Pro is still the world’s best tablet.

No one else has the same performance, amazing display, excellent sound and intuitive software. And with the Magic Keyboard and its trackpad, it’s a hair’s breadth from being able to replace a laptop. However, the price goes up quickly, so you can actually buy a laptop for the same money.

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